How to Jailbreak iPod Touch 4.2 With Ease – How To Guide

Want to Jailbreak iPod Touch 4.2? Are you satisfied with what your iPod Touch 4.2 has to offer? Would like it to be able to do more? Then why not jailbreak your iPod Touch? Don’t worry because jailbreaking is safe and legal. Nothing bad will happen to you’re your device. All you need is a program that can Jailbreak iPod Touch 4.2. There are a lot of programs that can do this for you but there is only a handful that you can trust. Read on to learn more about jailbreaking and which program you should use.

Some Jailbreak Facts

Apple has always kept a firm grip on their products to make sure that they remain at the top. To maximize their profits, they do not allow the installation or use of third party apps on their devices prompting millions of people to use application from their App Store. The App Store however only offers limited apps and sometimes at expensive prices. Jailbreaking your phone will offer you an alternative to the App Store so you can get the app you need or desire.

Jailbreaking is a kind of a hack that will increase your phone’s functionality. The hack will give you access to Cydia, an installer for third party applications.  It’s filled with tons of apps and most of them are free. You can download and use themes, customized keyboards and icons, utilities, plug-ins, games and many more. You can even use Cydia to download apps form the App Store for free. Jailbreaking will definitely take your phone to the next level and you hardly have to sacrifice anything for it.

The U.S. Library of Congress rules that jailbreaking does not violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. That means that jailbreaking is finally legal. Apple still tries to discourage people from jailbreak saying that it will void your warranty. Worry not because if you really need to bring your device to Apple, you can reverse the jailbreak process and they wouldn’t know. In order to reverse it, back up all of your files on your computer and restore the device back to its factory settings. When Apple is done fixing your device, you simply have to transfer your files back and jailbreak it again. You will not lose anything.

The Jailbreak Process

The process of jailbreaking an iPod Touch is easy and it’s quite similar to jailbreaking iPhones. The first step is to look for a trustworthy jailbreak program on the internet. There are tons of jailbreak programs out there and finding the right one is very important. Do a little digging around, read reviews or ask some of your friends which program they recommend. A trustworthy program will make everything easier for you. You wouldn’t want to spend your money and waste your time on faulty ones, so take your time searching for the right program.

Once you have found the program for you, download it and save it on your computer’s desktop for easy retrieval. The exact steps will depend on the program you will use but they are more or less the same. Most of them come with detailed, easy to follow instructions so you don’t have anything to worry about. The first thing to do is to run the program, then browse for your device’s IPSW file for its present firmware. The program will tell you if it has successfully identified the file and will then show you some options. Choose Install Cydia and then proceed to the next step. You will be asked to turn off your iPod Touch and connect it to your computer, so do so and click Next. Then follow the detailed instructions on how to place your device on DFU mode. It’s all about timing and you only have to press the Home and Power buttons for specific time periods. Once your device is on DFU mode, the program will now jailbreak it. Wait until it is done and then reboot your device. You will now be able to use Cydia and enjoy third party apps.

If the program you chose uses tethered jailbreak, you will need to connect your device to your computer and run the jailbreak program every time you reboot it. Just click on “Just boot tethered right now”. If you want to avoid this, choose a program that uses untethered jailbreak.

Using a trustworthy jailbreak program

If you want a jailbreak solution that is 100% safe and reliable, you will need to look for a trustworthy one. This program should come with free lifetime updates to keep up with Apple a long with free 24/7 customer support. It should even come with a money-back guarantee. The program should also be easy to use and should work on all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models and on all firmware versions.

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Don’t limit yourself to what your iPod Touch currently offers because you can easily get more out of it. All you need is a trustworthy jailbreak program that will open a whole new world of possibilities for your device.

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