How To Jailbreak iPod Touch 4.1 With Success – How To Guide

Isn’t it amazing how easy and fast to jailbreak iPod Touch 4.1 nowadays? This is especially true as more and more tools are being produced providing the jailbreaking process within seconds. This is a far cry from the usual trip one has to make in service center before. Well, with this fast technology, everybody is now itching to try their hands on the applications that will enhance iPod Touch 4.1 even more. This is only just possible judging from the very fact that third party applications were designed to help out with the daily tasks. When one checks out the best these things, he will be amazed just how far the technology has brought convenience and ease to everyday living.

Steps on How  to Jailbreak iPod Touch 4.1

The first thing to consider when looking for jailbreak tool is to learn about the latest tool online. The release of Apple’s iPod Touch 4.1 is usually followed by the lots of jailbreaking tools and processes. For this particular task, one should have the latest version of the iTunes and the effective jailbreak tool downloaded in the PC. With the step by step guide, the instructions below are not too hard to follow.

1. First download the firmware for the iPod Touch 4.1. Before jailbreaking it, the software must be running on the 4.1 firmware.

2. Place the IPSW format of the firmware as well the jailbreak software tool on a separate folder on your desktop.

3. Then, run the jailbreak tool by clicking on it, then selecting ‘Browse’. Just follow the instructions in the dialog box and then click Next.

4. Choose and select “Cydia”. This move will enable the user some applications he wanted to run in the

5. Before connecting the  iPod to the computer, it must be first turned off.

6. Then, proceed to bring the device in the DFU mode. This is done by holding the power off as well as the home button for a few seconds. After releasing first the power button, it should be followed by the home button. Then, the installation begins.

7. Let the process take its course. You will be notified once it is finished.

8. Enjoy your newly jailbroken iPod Touch.

There is so much to  do once you have successfully jailbroken your device. That’s why anyone who ventures into jailbreaking does not really mind getting into technical details of hacking their iPod because the results will be all worth it. There are some people too who cannot afford such risk and have been very careful about bricking their iPod. Though jailbreaking is now considered legal, the Apple still voids the warranty of its units once it is hacked. The positive side of this jailbreak is that anyone may choose to unjailbreak anytime he wants. When this happens, the device can then easily be switched to its original settings and looked still the same just before the jailbreak process. This is also one way of protecting the warranty if you wish to avail of it.

What To Explore with iPod Touch 4.1

The advantages of the jailbroken iPod Touch 4.1  are seen in various forms as more and more applications enhance its potential to do tasks. One of these is the Cycorder. The application enables the unit to take full-motion video. For gamers, there’s a more exciting way of playing through improved gamer’s console. If you wish to change the theme or background of your iPod for self-expression or something you love to design your iPod with, then Backgrounder does it for you.  Even the Wi-Fi aspect of the iPod is enhanced through several applications. You can turn the iPod into a Wi-Fi hotspot and get unlimited access to websites you wish to visit. All of these and more are for free and that makes it a lot exciting for users anywhere.

Another notable advantage of the jailbroken iPod is getting doses of daily information provided by the some applications from weather, news and sports. This is a great tool for people who are always on the go. The application is called Intelliscreen. If one wish to secure the iPod, then security applications are also available. This protects the users from theft or unauthorized use of the iPod.

With all of these benefits, several iPod users are just enthusiastic about getting the latest news on the jailbreak tool once a new OS version comes out.

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To make the experiences a lot more meaningful, then share the same things with fellow iPod users.You’ll be amazed just how interesting some applications can be especially when more and more of your friends are using it. To learn the tips and secrets, get the head start. Visit: How To Jailbreak iPod Touch 4.1

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