Quick and Easy Way to Jailbreak iPod Touch 1G

The iPod Touch 1G exists in both 5GB and 10 GB variants and it is the first iPod – ever – to have a physically-movable movable scroll wheel and unique features – the very reason why many would want to know how to jailbreak iPod Touch 1G.

The Need to Jailbreak iPod

In purchasing an iPod Touch from Apple, you are accepting the fate that will be dictated by the Apple company. They are the ones who will be in control on what kinds of applications can be installed on your gadget, which hardware functions you can utilize, and which carrier you will have.

With this scenario in mind, it’s no surprise that iPod users want to free themselves by jailbreaking their device. Technically, jailbreaking is enabling your device to run programs or system modifications which aren’t sanctioned by the Apple Company. The need to jailbreak (or hack) began when there were no apps available for iPod users and some clever hackers introduced the means to install apps on the devices.

Each iPod Touch can now be jailbroken and it will be able to run custom applications apart from those in the Apple Store. Name it and you can have it – theming, multitasking, data tethering, secret settings, even pirated apps.

A Disclaimer in Jailbreaking Your iPod Touch

When you hack or jailbreak your gadget, you are fundamentally changing some aspects of your system software. Take note that the jailbreaking process and the tool that you use in order to go through this procedure will only be successful if you follow directions with care. If something goes wrong, don’t expect that you can demand anything from Apple. Also, there is the danger of losing pertinent data or to make your gadget completely useless. Also, jailbreaking your iPod will void the warranty given by Apple so proceed with great caution. Of course, you can always restore the device to its factory settings but if your iPod goes down during the jailbreaking process, then there’s the possibility that you’ll get stuck.

Here are the steps in jailbreaking your iPod Touch 1G:

Upgrade your iPod Touch Firmware

You must upgrade your gadget to the latest firmware version from iTunes. Take note that the success of your jailbreaking process is greatly dependent on this.

Download the QuickPWN 2.2.5

You must do this if you’re using MAC or Windows operating systems only.

Connect Your iPod Touch to Your PC

Now’s the time to connect your iPod Touch 1G to your computer. Close iTunes if it is still running and then launch the jailbreak software and just follow the instructions given on your screen. Browse first and then select the .ipsw restore file which you downloaded early on. You should see a green checkmark and this confirms that you chose the correct file.

Follow further instructions that you will see onscreen. Complete the jailbreaking process but make sure that you won’t forget to check on Cydia and the Installer check boxes. Now you’ll be prompted to ascertain that the USB is securely connected to your device.

Wait for your iPod Touch to Connect to Recovery Mode

Just sit back and enjoy the rest of the process. Then you will see that your device is finally jailbroken.

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